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Beijing Benz Automotive use Kromer balancer

Beijing Benz Automotive use Kr

   Carl Stahl Kromer Spring balancer for its outstanding performance and reliable service life, success among Beijing Benz Aut...
120t lifting beam successfully put into use in Shanghai Electric

120t lifting beam successfully

Shanghai Electric is China's equipment manufacturing industry brand leaders. In the "Asia Brand Top 500" Award, Shanghai Elect...
Voith companies successfully History Bant sling strap SpanSet

Voith companies successfully H

Voith Group, founded in 1867, has set the industry standard in the world of energy, oil and gas, paper, raw materials and tran...
Self-locking hook lifting remotely successful solution for customers

Self-locking hook lifting remo

June this year, a customer contact me company in Shandong, reflect before they buy from abroad inconvenient to use automatic r...
Established in 1880 as a small rope maker in Sussen, Germany, Carl Stahl has grown through innovation and vision to employ over 1100 people operating all around the world.   Having moved into wire rope making in the late 1960s, Carl Stahl soon after began to diversify into lifting systems, investing in research and development, and a Wire Rope and Technology Centre was built in Sussen ...


Carl Stahl a set design, production and sales of specialized lifting sling group enterprise, the company since its inception in 1880, through continuous innovation and development, growing from a small factory ropes globalization is more than a thousand employees operating the company.        Since the 1960s, into the rigging manufacturing industry, Carl Stahl began production and sal...


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